Raheem DeVaughn Speaks On Occupy DC Arrest @368hustlers @CornelWest

“I actually hopped on the plane from Chicago; I actually missed the MLK [dedication ceremony] event.

Dr. West reached out to me to go meet up with them,” said a traveling Raheem DeVaughn. “Dr. West had been invited to speak down at Freedom Plaza, where they’re occupying the land for their cause. So after the speech, we proceeded to march and peacefully protest. We went down to the [Supreme Court] building and did what we had to do.”

via Raheem DeVaughn Speaks On Occupy DC Arrest.


2.20% West Palm Beach Florida United States
2.20% New York New York United States
1.80% Plano Texas United States
1.80% Los Angeles California United States
1.80% Jinan Shandong China
1.60% Miami Florida United States
1.40% Sunnyvale California United States
1.40% Long Beach California United States
1.20% Austin Texas United States
1.00% Brooklyn New York United States
1.00% New Orleans Louisiana United States
1.00% Boca Raton Florida United States
0.80% Ft Mitchell Kentucky United States
0.80% Paraná Entre Rios Argentina
0.80% Fort Lauderdale Florida United States
0.80% Buenos Aires Distrito Federal Argentina
0.80% Milford New Jersey United States
0.80% Chicago Illinois United States
Preston Lowe

MD/Air Personality

Station: WMBX/WNEW

Market: West Palm Beach, FL

Company: CBS Radio

Born: Detroit, MI

Raised: Bastrop And Austin, TX

10 Questions with … Preston Lowe


  • •KNLE/Austin, TX – Air Personality
  • •KGSR/Austin, TX – Air Personality
  • •KJCE A/Austin, TX – PD/Air Personality
  • •KQBT/Austin, TX – MD/Air Personality
  • •KWIE/Riverside-San Bernardino, CA – PD/Air Personality
  • •WMBX/West Palm Beach, FL – MD/Air Personality
  • •WNEW/West Palm Beach FL – Air Personality

I’ve Only been Given 2 blessing in my life, ignorantly walked away from the 1st which makes the 2nd useless to ME, so I used it for OTHERS, I will do it again today..
When She Was Born… God Must Have Touched Her Heart Then Touched Her Eyes… I actually did not have to look like Idris Elba or somebody For Her to Truly Fall in Love with me… As I See Now… The Only One That Ever Did… That’s Why I felt she was a blessing… My First Blessing…

If I Was Able To See My Mom again For a few Minutes, I now the First Thing She Would Say, Where is ***** and let me see my grandbabies, I would probably become her little kid again and just burst into tears and when a moment clears, I would say… Mom… You really don’t want to know the rest of this Story… I want to just sit here with you for the time we have… I just want to sit here…


Purgatory is the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment

Kobayashi Maru is a test to describe a no-win scenario, or a solution that involves redefining the problem (Outside the box).

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