Drake Denies @ChrisBrown Fight Rumors (Drake: If That Happen, Somebody would’ve got knocked the f**k out!! | XXLMAG.COM

“I respect Chris Brown,” he said.

“I’d like to call myself a friend—I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that,” said Drake. “But I definitely didn’t get elbowed in my face. Somebody would’ve got knocked the fuck out.”

via Drake Denies Chris Brown Fight Rumors | XXLMAG.COM.

The Final Moments of the Mark McCrazy Morning Show in West Palm Beach


6.20% West Palm Beach Florida United States
5.00% New York New York United States
3.00% Unknown Unknown -
2.20% Plano Texas United States
2.00% London London United Kingdom
1.40% Dallas Texas United States
1.40% Dublin Dublin Ireland
1.20% Toronto Ontario Canada
1.20% Orlando Florida United States
1.20% Nashville Tennessee United States
1.00% Jacksonville Florida United States
1.00% Atlanta Georgia United States
1.00% Houston Texas United States
0.80% Paris Ile-de-france France
0.80% Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
0.80% San Antonio Texas United States
0.80% Madrid Madrid Spain
0.60% Mobile Alabama United States
0.60% Delhi Delhi India
Preston Lowe

“WORK… Is All I Have Left… My Second and Last Blessing… When That Stops… That’s It…”
-Preston Lowe
MD/Air Personality
Station: WMBX/WNEW
Market: West Palm Beach, FL
Company: CBS Radio
Born: Detroit, MI
Raised: Bastrop And Austin, TX

10 Questions with … Preston Lowe


  • •KNLE/Austin, TX – Air Personality
  • •KGSR/Austin, TX – Air Personality
  • •KJCE A/Austin, TX – PD/Air Personality
  • •KQBT/Austin, TX – MD/Air Personality
  • •KWIE/Riverside-San Bernardino, CA – PD/Air Personality
  • •WMBX/West Palm Beach, FL – MD/Air Personality
  • •WNEW/West Palm Beach FL – Air Personality

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